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          Wheel deburring line

          功能: 适合16-18寸摩轮轮毂打磨;实现不同尺寸与型号轮毂 混线自动打磨;解决了人工打磨对对操作工熟练程度的 高要求,提高打磨效果。 配置: 产品分拣系统 机器人打磨单元及定位系统 上下件流水线 控制系统

          Function: suit for 16 to 18 inch wheel deburring; realize auto deburring for different size and model wheels; solve the issue in manual deburring operation, which request enough experience and mature skill of the operators, as well as improve the deburring performance Configuration: Wheel distribution system Robotic deburring cell and locating system Loading and unloading conveyor Control system

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