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          Social recruitment

          Name Type Num Place Time
          Mechanical engineer (thermal) technical 2 Shaoxing shengzhou 2019-1-18

          1、Mainly engaged in the design of aluminum alloy industrial furnace (including combustion system selection calculation and furnace lining heat conduction calculation);

          2、Went to the site for on-site supervision and construction, and took charge of the quality and progress (able to meet certain requirements of business trips);

          3、Proficient in CROE3.0 and CAD software;

          Bachelor degree or above, major in thermal energy;
          Foreign trade salesman marketing 2 Shaoxing shengzhou 2019-1-18
          1. Responsible for the development of new markets, the development of new products, the implementation and completion of the company's annual sales plan;
          2. According to the company's marketing strategy, expand the market share of the responsible region;
          Bachelor degree or above, major in English, Japanese or international trade
          Legal director technical 1 Shaoxing shengzhou 2019-1-18
          1.Contract review and management, participate in major contract negotiation and follow up
          2.Company litigation and legal dispute handling, tracking company overdue accounts disputes, labor disputes, quality disputes, etc
          3.Provide legal advice and support to business department, provide decision support for major cooperation projects, etc
          4.Company risk control system construction, responsible for the revision of the company system and implementation supervision
          1.Bachelor degree or above, major in law or related
          2.2 years working experience as a lawyer and corporate legal officer, skilled in handling contract and litigation affairs;
          3.Familiar with contract law, labor law, company law and other related content and litigation procedures;
          4.National judicial examination, English proficiency is preferred. 
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