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          Cultural concept


          • ? Expectation: create international brand, build long live enterprise
          • ? Aim: to provide satisfying product and service to customers
          • ? Value: always improve our value, and contribute to the society
          • ? Target: with great power, with good reputation, with long live company history
          • ? Attitude: focus on the reality, work hard; move fast, and stick to the completing
          • ? Principle: professionalism; teamwork; hard work; innovation; study

          Culture is the soul of Wanfeng, leading by all levels management, absorb ideas from employees, create Wanfeng’s own culture, and it provides very powerful support. Wanfeng culture is combination of employees from many nations and cities, finally forms into one voice, one direction, one force, have the power as a team.

          Wanfeng spirit:—teach people how to be a man
          Wanfeng idea:—teach people how to do things
          Wanfeng rule:—manage the activities properly

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